Tech transformation

IT executives within financial Institutions are facing a significant challenge of transforming their IT into a truly customer-centric, agile and scalable cloud-based platform to ensure short time-to-market and global uniformity of services.

However, it is their often heavily intertwined (legacy) IT landscape that proves to be a bottleneck in this journey. Research shows that these same legacy issues are the cause of IT executives’ headaches in terms of costs and risk, as knowledge is fading away, or gone already, and maintainability decreases.

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For the technology function to act as a true driver for digital transformation it needs to transform on the angles of people, process & technology.

We offer our clients support in this transformation from strategy to execution. This starts with formulating a strategic framework that helps us identify the right measures for your specific situation to help you find the right path towards Tech transformation.

Legacy systems do not exist in isolation

Our Legacy Modernization approach helps you to unravel complexity, simplify and modernize your IT landscape while managing the impact of these (internal and external) changes. We do so by applying solution patterns aligned with the drivers for modernization and transformation to the new (cloud-based) platform.

Experience shows that the limited success of legacy transformation in large companies is mainly due to the following key factors:

  1. Organizational adaptability: A different mindset and skillset are required to develop and maintain modern IT capabilities compared to legacy.
  2. Technical complexity: Legacy systems are built over decades and often consist of millions of lines of code. Knowledge is scarce.
  3. Management buy-in: Modernizing your IT requires long-term commitment from senior management, as it affects the business from front to end.

Download the whitepaper: Revitalize your legacy IT

Cloud fosters your Tech transformation

Cloud accelerates your Tech transformation in a controlled way and helps you reduce risk, costs and time-to-market. Cloud provides you the ability to provision and deprovision, often highly innovative, technology services with the speed that is essential to keep up with your customer’s requirements. And cloud often comes with increased security and compliance controls.

The cloud is easily accessible and enables your employees to work safe and location independent. Cloud is the fundamental catalyst platform which enables and expedites your next wave of innovation and future developments.

To successfully implement the Cloud transformation, you need a team with various skills. That's why we work in squads with a large number of specialists with a wide variety of skills.

IT agility

Many agile transitions have applied agile as the end instead of the means to an end. This has often led to unwanted side effects, like risk and control functions not being involved, difficulty delivering large scale initiatives, issues with transparency of progress of work and predictability of delivery. 

Because the agile objectives differ per organization, the way to accomplish this differs per organization as well. The transition to a more agile approach depends on: 

  • the specific context in which the organization or organizational units operate

  • the current situation of the company

  • the experience with agile and related elements such as Scrum, Kanban, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

With the help of our Enterprise Agility Guide we can together determine the best way forward for your  organization.

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