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Deleveraging for growth: Austria & CEE distressed debt overview 2015

The past year has been a very busy one across the region, with numerous transactions coming to market. We expect the disposal trend to continue and substantially accelerate, as CEE strengthens its appeal to investors while sellers and regulators alike get more comfortable with NPL disposals.


Customers in the spotlight: How FinTech is reshaping banking

More than three in four banking respondents fear some part of their business is at risk to FinTech. Many banks engage in joint partnerships with FinTech companies.


Banking Banana Skins 2015

This survey describes the risks currently facing the global banking industry, as seen by a wide range of bankers, banking regulators and close observers of the banking scene around the world. The survey was carried out in September and October 2015, and received 672 responses from individuals in 52 countries.


Turning risk into opportunity

Austria & CEE distressed debt overview 2014


Insurance Banana Skins 2015

Insurance Banana Skins 2015 surveys the risks facing the insurance industry practitioners and close observers of the insurance scene around the world. The report, which updates previous surveys in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013, was conducted in March and April 2015, and is based on 806 responses from 54 countries.


Capital Requirements Regulation - CRR - Die amtlichen EU-Texte in zweisprachiger Fassung

Die korrigierte Fassung der Verordnung wurde um die Delegierte Verordnung 2015/62 zur Änderung der CRR im Hinblick auf die Verschuldungsquote ergänzt.



Portfolio Advisory Group - Market update Q1 2015

Welcome to our Q1 2015 market update. In addition to the transaction market overviews, we summarise here some of the responses from buyers and sellers to the questions posed during our recently held conference.


PRIIP nach EU Verordnung 1286/2014

Die EU-Verordnung über Basisinformationsblätter für verpackte Anlageprodukte für Kleinanleger und Versicherungsanlageprodukte, kurz PRIIP, legt fest: Kleinanlegern muss vor dem Angebot eines PRIIP ein Basisinformationsblatt ausgehändigt werden Ziel der PRIIP-Verordnung: Mehr Transparenz.