UCITS III News Archiv 2004

Issue 9, October 2004
In the absence of EU guidance on the interpretation of the UCITS III transitional provisions certain national authorities have been fairly active since July.

Download: Issue 9, October 2004 (85KB, english)

Issue 8, July 2004
Is the current or planned registration of certain products jeopardized by the uncertainty surrounding some of the UCITS III provisions, namely transition?

Download: Issue 8, July 2004 (85KB, english)

Issue 7, May 2004
EU recommendations on the Simplified Prospectus for UCITS and on the use of Derivates.

Download: Issue 7, May 2004 (83KB, english)

Issue 6, March 2004
Implementation Status, Grandfathering Provisions and Simplified Prospectus.

Download: Issue 6, March 2004 (81KB, english)