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The future is now: We help you with the digital transformation of your company.

Digital Transformation of the Real Estate Industry

Real estate companies have to question not only if, but also when and how to commence initiatives to adapt for the digital transformation. The establishment of a vital innovation culture is the precondition for digitalization. PwC supports you to design a successful digital transformation journey. Considering the three perspectives Business, Customer-Experience and Technology (BXT) our interdisciplinary team unifies sector and technology expertise to transfer your business successfully to the digital age. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Robotics are more than buzz-words for us.

Collaborating with PwC, you can rely on a sparring partner for the digital transformation covering all stages from strategy to execution. In doing so, we can estimate the impact on your business and operating model and help you to build a digital ecosystem.

Digital done differently.
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Rethink what exists. Make tomorrow.

Strategy, not technology drives digital transformation. How can digital solutions look like? Which technologies enable them? We introduce the 8 + 2 essential technologies.

Künstliche Intelligenz

Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate 

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, computer systems are able to understand, learn, think, plan, and correct themselves.

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Drones in Real Estate

Drones dramatically change the recording of high-quality data, which allows faster and better decisions.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality in Real Estate

VR is a computergenerated 3D simulation of an environment, for instance a building or product prototype.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Augmented Reality enriches our real world impression with virtual information.

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things in Real Estate

Physical and virtual items are connected via internet and communicate with each other to collect and exchange data.

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3D-Printing in Real Estate

3D-Printing is a fabrication method where material is added layer by layer to design a 3D item, based on a digital construction model.

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Blockchain in Real Estate

With this technology, users can verify transactions without a central certification provider.

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Robotics in Real Estate

Robots or virtual agents adopt physical or virtual human activities via information technology.

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Startup Collaboration: Digital-X

PwC's Digital-X Corporate Accelerator and Open Innovation program offers a structured approach to true digital leadership for any corporation.

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Dealmaker for Real Estate

The Dealmaker for Real Estate is a global trading platform for real estate. It enables trusted PwC clients to benefit from a digitally enhanced trading environment. 

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Real estate is moving from being a product to a service industry, therefore the real estate industry has to rethink the business models.

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