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Companies and organisations that want to continue their success must consistently question and reinvent their business models. Buying and selling entire companies or individual business areas are important elements of strategic development. However, executing and financing transactions are activities that are becoming increasingly complex but lead to change – and generate questions that are increasingly difficult to answer. That’s why a comprehensive assessment of the relevant parameters is essential to a successful transaction.

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Selling a business

Preparation and experience are key factors in selling a business or a business unit. Consistent data, a clearly articulated equity story, an understanding of the strategy of the interested parties, and professional process management are all essential. Our team provides support throughout the deal lifecycle, from identification and selection of potential buyers, data preparation and vendor due diligence, through to full implementation of the transaction.

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Acquiring a business

Acquisitions allow buyers to quickly realise strategic goals. But acquiring a business or a business unit may result in unexpected challenges. These range from identifying the acquisition target and structuring the transaction, through to integration and the realisation of synergies to drive value. We support you before, during and after you acquire a company.

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M&A Integration and Separation

Acquisitions and divestitures of businesses or business units create regulatory, legal, tax and financial challenges for investors. Our experts advise you throughout the lifecycle of a transaction. In this way, you achieve maximum value for you and your shareholders.   

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For both companies and investors, securing the right financing is a decisive factor which decides the economic success of a business or an investment. We support you on all questions related to financing.

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Investments and projects

The success of a company depends to a large degree on investment and project decisions and the quality of their implementation. PwC’s experts support you to structure and implement your investments / your projects and to prepare a state-of-the-art financial model to create ideal conditions for your success.

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Restructuring and crisis management

Crisis situations frequently arise at very short notice and transform the rules which ordinarily apply to business operations. As soon as external stakeholders recognise or believe that a company is experiencing difficulties, small problems can be quickly exacerbated. Our experienced restructuring team supports you in all crisis situations and helps you get your business back on track.

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Capital markets

There are many reasons for an IPO, ranging from the provision of new financing through to business continuity, increasing competitiveness etc. A successful IPO requires a controlled IPO process and numerous preparatory measures (such as assessing IPO readiness, developing an attractive equity story etc.).  Our experts support you throughout the process with their experience in specific industries and countries.

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How can we support you?

Successful deals begin with robust preparation by buyers or sellers, resulting in professional outcomes. They are not a routine part of your business. That’s why the support of experienced professionals is so valuable.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our M&A team advises you on and guides you through the entire process of acquiring or selling a business. We reach out to decision-makers directly through our global network of 15,000 transaction specialists. Our expertise helps solve the issues which inevitably arise in every transaction. This means we can increase the security of your transaction and optimise on price. Working together with our colleagues in Legal, Tax and other specialist teams, we offer an ‘all inclusive’ package.

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Due Diligence

The acquisition or sale of a business is a complex process, which is supported by due diligence. In addition to analysing opportunities and risks, we also evaluate the transaction structure and take into account the issues identified in contractual agreements (e.g. Sale and Purchase Agreements). Our interdisciplinary team offers comprehensive ‘one-stop’ Business Due Diligence, providing you with a solid basis for your decision-making.

  • Financial due diligence
  • Commercial due diligence
  • HR due diligence
  • Tax due diligence
  • Legal due diligence
  • IT due diligence
  • Operational due diligence

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M&A Integration and Separation

The complexity of a transaction across all business areas frequently leads to loss in value instead of the anticipated efficiency gains and value growth. For transactions to have an optimal impact on results, we provide support on operational implementation before, during and after the acquisition or sale of a business. Our services include the following:

  • Value creation
  • Synergy management
  • Carve-outs
  • M&A integrations
  • Operational due diligence
  • Operational improvement

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Valuation and Modelling

As a leading global professional services network, we advise companies on all aspects of valuation. In additional to traditional business valuation procedures, we also help you to determine the value of real estate and intangible assets, credit portfolios or structured products.  We focus on analysing the effects of changed economic circumstances, such as digitalisation. In addition, you can use our online valuation tools for companies and start-ups to get an initial estimate of your company’s value.

  • Business valuations
  • Portfolio valuations
  • Valuations of structured products and ‘value at risk’ analyses
  • Valuation of real estate as well as plants & machinery
  • Data & analytics
  • Digital solutions
  • Real estate valuations and real estate feasibility studies

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Restructuring and Crisis Management

Our business recovery services include refinancing by existing and new financing partners, the inclusion of equity partners into risk limitation processes, the identification and implementation of measures to reduce costs and gain access to liquidity, and advice on insolvency if required.

  • Business review and going concern analyses
  • Financial restructuring
  • Operative restructuring
  • Accelerated M&A
  • Insolvency services
  • Bank restructuring solutions

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Capital Markets

A successful IPO requires a business model set for the future, the right tax structure and an effective reporting approach. This means processes and systems need to meet regulatory requirements. Alongside this, companies need an attractive equity story that is supported by financial information and market data. PwC supports you throughout your capital markets transaction – from initial communication through to implementation. Together we will shape the right Deal for you.

Our portfolio includes the following services:

  • IPO readiness
  • Equity story
  • Fulfilment of regulatory requirements
  • Robust processes and structures
  • Controlled IPO process
  • Carve-out transactions
  • IPO prospectuses
  • Comfort letters

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Deal Analytics and Technology

We combine our experience with new technologies and deal analytics. This is the optimal way of providing you with information to take important decisions and create greater transparency in every phase of the deal – before, during, and after the transaction. 

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To provide you with tailored financial solutions, our independent financing experts offer advice in the following areas:

  • Corporate financing
  • M&A deal financing
  • Real estate financing
  • Project financing
  • Refinancing (all asset classes)

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SPA Advisory

Whether you are buying or selling, we assist you to maximise value when drafting and negotiating SPAs and help you prevent any unpleasant surprises in connection with transactions.

Key issues are frequently the design of completion mechanisms (locked box vs. completion accounts, earn-out agreements etc.) as well as any agreements on guarantees or warranty. When negotiating and drawing up agreements, experience plays a significant role, as both parties try to optimise the purchase price or the contract to their advantage. The legal specialists at PwC Legal are also able to provide comprehensive legal advice on the drafting and negotiation of SPAs.

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Investment and Project Advisory

Making the right investment and project decisions is decisive for the success of businesses and organisations. Structured financing, property financing, PPP financing and project financing are frequently complex and resource-intensive, and implementing them requires very specific know-how. PwC plans, structures and optimises these complex forms of financing and provides the following services:

  • Analysis of profitability and economic viability of the project
  • Structure and design
  • Financial modelling
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk analysis
  • Support during tenders / PPP advisory
  • Verifying alternatives
  • Operating models & life cycle models
  • External project management & controlling
  • Implementation of project management and controlling software

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Legal M&A*

Our colleagues at PwC Legal have the expertise to provide you with legal advice during all phases of the transaction.

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What makes us different? We are the best partner for every transaction.

The Transactions team at PwC can support you in finding the best answers to any question you may face. With a team of more than 100 transactions experts in Austria, our expertise spans all industries, sectors and technologies. We listen to you to make sure we understand your organisation’s structure, its products and services, and the transactions you’re planning.  As M&A specialists and valued advisors for legal matters, we provide a customised service tailored to your goals.

By working together with you and your team, we’re always ready for the next step in the transaction process.  We take advantage of the latest comprehensive data and analytics technologies.  This enables rapid evaluation of your data and creates transparency by visualising data in real-time.

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Whether you are buying or selling a business: You can rely on the PwC Deals team. The trust of our customers has made us the world’s leading consultancy for transactions.

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