Customer Centric Transformation

Better customer relationships for more growth

Put the focus on your customers

Show them how important they are. Create tailor-made customer experiences, give every touchpoint and every encounter your fullest attention and ensure an unforgettable, positive customer journey. No matter where you stand in terms of transformation, we're here for you.

Happy people make better business

Customer-centric transformation – this includes the development and implementation of new processes and activities. Customer-centric transformation applies to many areas: from marketing and sales to pricing, distribution and services. Our strategy-led, data-driven, and technology-enhanced solutions enable you to integrate a wide range of customer resources and offer optimised experiences to your customers.

This not only creates the best possible experience for your customer, but at the same time successful business results for you.

PwC is the partner you can trust to successfully master your digital transformation. Start a new era for your company!

Trust in Transformation
Erfolgreiche Transformation - so geht das

See the success of customer-centric transformation

Companies around the globe carry out projects to reorganise their business processes. PwC surveyed more than 700 executives from a number of industries and countries to learn what insights successful innovators have gained in transforming the way they interact with their customers. What makes them successful?

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Next level customer relationships

Design your customer journey with growth in mind

Design your customer journey with growth in mind

Together with you, we develop customer strategies based on the needs of your customers. We ensure that your strategies are backed by reliable analytics, and we design buyer journeys that harmonise with your customers’ values. 

What you’ll get:

  • a customised commercial strategy

  • commercial operating models

  • data-driven market and customer segmentations

  • new business models

  • service design

  • customer interactions with sophisticated AI

Address your target group personally

You know what your customers want. But do you also know what they need? Intelligent, data-driven marketing is more than just technology – it combines target groups, data, budget and creativity into a unified customer experience. We help you to find out more about your customers and to better understand their journeys.

What you’ll get:

  • CMO strategies

  • agile marketing

  • strategic marketing planning and resource management

  • marketing automation and customer analytics

  • marketing and meeting clouds (Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, Google)

  • optimisation of marketing spendings

  • customer journey interaction design

Turn leads into sales

A commerce platform and partner ecosystems are powerful tools for increasing conversion rates, revenues, and profitability. We help you to stay connected with your customers and partners in a completely new way throughout the entire customer life cycle. We’ll guide you throughout your transformation journey, from strategy and realisation to platform implementation and integration – across all business units.

What you’ll get:

  • CPQ (configuration, price and offer)

  • Customer Life Cycle Management (CLM)

  • e-commerce (with Salesforce Commerce Cloud)

  • retail execution solution

  • partner and supplier relationship management

  • customer and partner community clouds with Salesforce 

  • development and optimisation of sales journeys

Sell more efficiently and intelligently

How do you achieve the best possible market price? Smart pricing brings new opportunities. To take advantage of them, you need to strengthen your own pricing power. With our pricing tool and our smart pricing analyses, you have excellent instruments at hand to analyse customers’ willingness to pay for your products and to maximise your profit.

We support you in automating sales processes and increasing your operational productivity.

What you’ll get:

  • pricing strategy and implementation

  • dynamic pricing

  • revenue management

  • implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud 

  • pricing for new products

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Use customer-centricity as a growth driver

Customer-centricity pursues clear business goals and creates competitive advantages. By developing and implementing a customer experience and engagement strategy, you can make your company fit for the future. Use customer-centricity as a growth driver for your company. We will guide you from generating insights to implementing customer experience management.

What you’ll get:

  • overall customer service and engagement strategy

  • improved lead generation and customer loyalty 

  • touchpoint analyses and optimisation of touchpoints and purchase decision processes

  • implementation of customer experience management

  • digital service and field service solutions with Salesforce

Actual usage: use cases from everyday digital life

Others tell you long stories. We show you finished projects. Explore the possibilities that digital transformation has ready for you and your customers.

CX par excellence

Precise situation analysis and action matrix for new approaches in digital transformation.

Focus on the customer

A holistic concept for multi-channel communication with various target groups.

Data Architecture

Brand perception and marketing strategy for a complex big-data platform.

Reporting and assurance

To actively implement ESG factors, companies, investors, and governments cannot rely solely on traditional financial information when making decisions. Organisations looking towards the future integrate information on issues such as human rights, CO2 emissions, water pollution and taxes in their annual reports, while also considering the EU regulations on the EU taxonomy, Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD), Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures (TCFD), etc.

Transparency gives companies an advantage when dealing with stakeholders and is essential for their reputation. We can help you prepare conclusive reports, define and collect the necessary data, and implement suitable processes in accordance with recognised governance, environmental and reporting standards. 

To support the credibility of your collected information and thus further increase the trust of communication partners, we can offer you assurance for your financial and non-financial information.

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Unsere Vision

Sustainability and PwC: the standards we set ourselves

At PwC, we want to build trust in society and solve important problems. We achieve this goal primarily by developing services that meet the needs of a broad group of stakeholders. This is in line with the sustainable development goals that we have integrated into our strategy. We are delivering on our commitment to the environment and society through various partnerships and measures.

Corporate responsibility at PwC Austria

Our net zero commitment

We are determined to do our part to reduce the impacts of the climate crisis. That’s why we are committed to a global science-based target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

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