Indirect Tax

Better management of indirect taxes

Indirect taxes are a burden on a company’s results – unless they are successfully managed. This requires the right strategy and a holistic approach.

PwC’s tax experts have the team, the tools, and the solutions to equip you to meet your challenges. This includes efficient cash management; protecting margins; increasing the efficiency of systems, processes, and controls; fulfilment of your tax obligations in Austria and abroad; the assessment of transactions and business models; as well as expert, procedural, and technological support during tax audits and appeals.


Looking for professional VAT solutions? Our team analyses and assesses Austrian and international transactions and the effects of business restructuring such as those from supply chain transformation and value chain transformation. We work together with experts from across the global PwC network.

For many companies – such as banks, insurance companies, holding companies, public corporations, and non-profit associations – input tax deduction is no simple matter. We advise you on how to optimise the process and support you to determine the input VAT formula. We monitor your VAT reporting obligations in Austria and abroad on your behalf. This allows you to focus on your core business. We support you to register as a taxpayer and prepare VAT returns, input VAT refund requests, and Intrastat notifications. We use the latest technology to ensure a coordinated approach.

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Customs and excise

Customs regulations are uniform across Europe and excise duties have been harmonised. But that doesn’t mean that these regulations have become any less complex – the opposite may even be true. That’s why it’s good that you can rely on us and our international network. We advise you on all matters relating to customs tariffs, excise duties, market regulations, and international business law. National governments have begun to introduce environmental and energy taxes. These aim to generate tax revenues as well as manage pollutants and steer the use of resources.

Do you want to remain competitive? If so, your sustainability strategy needs to take account of environmental and energy taxes. We support you to determine and optimise your environmental tax footprint in the supply chain and value chain, to calculate and remit environmental taxes, and to identify tax exemptions and refunds such as the energy tax rebate.

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Technologies, processes, and monitoring

Successful management of indirect taxes depends on data management. Even the tax authorities recognise this. They have responded with regulations – for electronic invoicing and archiving, and electronic submission of tax returns – as well as new standards for external tax audits, such as the analysis of big data.

We can support and advise you on the introduction of ERP systems and on electronic invoicing and archiving. We can check your existing ERP system for correct representation and documentation of VAT using the latest technologies, and help you to improve your VAT processes and VAT monitoring. We can also support you during the introduction or adaptation of your VAT strategy or your VAT risk management system.

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