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Rudolf Krickl 
Senior Partner, Head of Family Business and Entrepreneurship,
PwC Austria
Tel: +43 1 501 88-3420

Our goal is to make family businesses and entrepreneurial families even more successful.

The road to success is challenging, because every day presents you with new tasks. Digitalisation. Shortage of skilled workers. Regulation. We stand by your side, roll up our sleeves and lend a hand: from strategy to implementation.

"Smart management, responsible leadership and long-term planning are the hallmarks of family businesses. But the pressure to change is growing and new challenges such as cybersecurity, ESG and digitalisation are influencing growth. We support you in mastering these major challenges. Our network and diversity of expertise will help you to sustainably shape the success of your business."

Rudolf KricklHead of Family Business and Entrepreneurship

Trust in Transformation: Place your trust in a partner who knows exactly what the individual needs of family businesses are and we will work with you to develop solutions that strike an ideal balance between your origins and the future.

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Our holistic and personal approach for you!

We get that your decisions aren’t always just about business. They’re personal. That’s why we help you manage ownership and growth at every stage, and especially during times of change and uncertainty. Our unique framework considers your needs as both an owner and a business leader. We call our framework the “Owner’s Agenda.” Take a look at how we think about financial and strategic considerations holistically, from governance to succession planning to technology.

Governance Wealth Purpose and Values Continuity Manage Ownership Deals and Growth Strategy and Transformation Profitability Risk andRegulatory Talent Ownership and Stakeholders Capital Manage Business


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We support you in your region

Rudolf Krickl

Senior Partner, Head of Family Business and Entrepreneurship, Vienna, PwC Austria

+43 699 117 735 91


Georg Erdélyi

Partner, Tax Advisor, Expert for Family Businesses, Vienna, PwC Austria

+43 699 163 059 74


Michael Lind

Lawyer and Partner, Expert in Corporate and Foundation Law & M&A Transactions, Vienna, PwC Legal

+43 664 967 86 60


Peter Draxler

Partner, Linz, PwC Austria

+43 676 833 771 54


Peter Hadl

Partner, Graz, PwC Austria

+43 676 833 778 003


Anton Pichler

Partner, Salzburg, PwC Austria

+43 664 250 72 11


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Rudolf Krickl

Rudolf Krickl

Senior Partner, PwC Austria

Tel: +43 699 117 735 91

Jürgen Kreindl

Jürgen Kreindl

Director, Entrepreneurship & Corporate Venture Capital (CVC), PwC Austria

Tel: +43 699 163 056 04