Corporate responsibility

Creating added value for society, people, markets, and the environment.

Our purpose: To build trust and solve important problems.

Society, people, markets and environment: These four areas provide the framework for our approach to corporate responsibility at PwC.

As part of society, we recognise our responsibility towards it. We fulfil this responsibility through pro-bono work, partnerships with social organisations and programmes, as well as donations to fundraising initiatives.

This includes the use of digital crowdfunding platforms such as  Impactory or the Social Impact Lab, a competition for start-ups and scale-ups with a social purpose. 

The success of a company is based on long-term positive relationships with our people. PwC Austria invests in these relationships through a variety of different initiatives. In addition to training and education, diversity plays an important role.

Shine was created to enable PwC’s people to realise their full potential. The business network promotes a working environment in which no one is forced to hide their sexual identity, especially colleagues who identify as LGBTQI+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, inter, queer and other forms of sexual identity).

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As an audit and advisory firm, we contribute to sustainable economic development and create added value for our customers. For example, we help them to successfully carry out transformations, to cope effectively with the impacts of globalisation and digitalisation, and to understand their corporate responsibility effectively. Our interdisciplinary teams develop and implement measurable sustainability strategies for various industries, and help clients to improve their outputs. In this way, we guarantee the future viability of business models, profitability and ‘licence to operate’ in relation to various stakeholders.

PwC also supports start-ups, particularly social enterprises that aim to use their business model to make a positive contribution to society.

We are working continuously to reduce our environmental impact. In April 2018, we relocated our Vienna headquarters to the DC Tower, an energy efficient ‘green building’ with certified LEED© Platinum status. We have also introduced energy-saving printers and flat screen monitors and promote paperless working.

We have set ambitious goals for the years ahead. We are actively managing our carbon footprint by offsetting air transport emissions and revising our carpool policy. We are also reducing our consumption of paper, optimising waste separation, and developing recycling systems.

Our values

Act with integrity

  • Speak up for what is right, especially when it feels difficult. 
  • Expect and deliver the highest quality outcomes.
  • Make decisions as if our own reputation were at stake.

Make a difference

  • Stay informed and ask questions about the future of the world we live in. 
  • Create impact with our colleagues, our clients and society through our actions. 
  • Be agile to respond to the ever changing environment in which we operate.


  • Make the effort to understand every individual and what matters to them. 
  • Recognise the value that each person contributes. 
  • Support others to work in the ways that help them bring their best.

Work together

  • Collaborate and share relationships, ideas and knowledge beyond boundaries. 
  • Seek and integrate a diverse range of perspectives, people and ideas. 
  • Give and ask for feedback to improve ourselves and others.

Reimagine the possible

  • Dare to challenge the status quo and try new things. 
  • Innovate, test and learn from failure. 
  • Have an open mind to the possibilities in every idea.
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We use the digital crowdfunding platform Impactory. This allows us to effectively target our donations to charitable organisations and makes it possible to support them in only a few clicks.

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Social Impact Lab

PwC supports social enterprises as part of our Social Impact Lab. As part of this competition, start-ups and scale-ups with a social purpose have the chance to receive coaching from PwC, use our office space, and win a cash prize.
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