Startup Collaboration: Digital-X

Developing the corporate digital future with Digital-X

Current Situation

The age of digitalization has brought seemingly endless opportunity but the way towards capturing this new and exciting market can be difficult.

To really get ahead of competitors and innovate effectively in your field, startup collaboration is key. In no other way can you scale up your new digital business and incorporate new technologies while developing lasting benefits.

Our Solution/Methodology

PwC's Digital-X Corporate Accelerator and Open Innovation program offers a structured approach to true digital leadership for any corporation.

We have a step-by-step approach that is as simple as it is genius. New digital business models are rapidly developed in the corporate accelerator and scaled up to full potential during the co-innovation phase.


Our corporate accelerator program helps established corporations scale alongside leading startups in their field to institutionalize innovation and digital business models.

After using Digital-X within your company you will get internally and externally ready for the age of digitalization.

With PwC's Digital-X we can accompany you as your trusted advisor to digital market leadership.

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Bernadette Fellner

Head of Digital Real Estate, PwC Austria

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