Dealmaker for Real Estate

The Dealmaker for Real Estate is a global trading platform for real estate. It enables trusted PwC clients to benefit from a digitally enhanced trading environment. It supports the transaction with absolute clarity and transparency for all parties involved. Via a cloud solution, all participants receive the right information at the right time.

Current Situation

PwC is a trusted advisor for highly influential real estate transactions across all asset classes. As digital transformation gains significant traction in the sector, there is a need to share best practice and establish security and trust between professionals engaging in real estate transactions. More complex regulation and deals increase the likelihood of mistakes and unrealised value on both sides.

The Solution

The Dealmaker for Real Estate is a global PwC initiative that helps clients bring real estate transactions into the digital space - a global marketplace that promotes value creation and opens up any asset to our worldwide network of leading professionals. Sellers find global buyers and can increase their results, as a higher number of participants helps facilitate a better fit during and after the transaction. More assets sold worldwide give buyers opportunities to find the deal they are looking for.

PwC supports both the sell-side and buy-side, so our clients can benefit from a global, digital and transparent process of real estate trading.

Further Information

The Dealmaker helps you find your next real estate transaction and bring it to the next level by accessing the leading professional services network of PwC. Your deal is digitally managed by PwC experts who are connected globally to premium sellers and buyers, helping you identify the perfect match. Please reach out to your local PwC office to start using the Dealmaker today!

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Bernadette Fellner

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