Augmented and Virtual Reality

Immersive technologies such as AR and VR are changing the way we work and offer companies new opportunities.

Applying AR and VR

Product and service development

VR and AR not only support and improve existing product designs and development. They are enabling entirely new methods. In the automotive industry, for example, VR is already enabling more precise and realistic ideas, shorter product development processes, and creating significant time and cost savings.


In the next ten years, both technologies are likely to have significant impacts on primary care for patients and healthcare training. VR is already giving medical students better access to operating theatres where only a limited number of people are normally permitted. Doctors are also able to use VR to work together remotely from different locations and discuss planned surgical interventions.

Education and training

In the area of education and training, VR and AR are promoting engagement and knowledge retention. They are making it easier for organisations to implement uniform, measurable standards. They also enable learning environments which in real life would be impractical or too dangerous. This includes the simulation of emergencies or maintenance work in dangerous environments.

Process optimisation

VR and AR are improving the efficiency, productivity, and precision of processes as well as of employees. Using AR interfaces, engineers and technicians receive information such as repair instructions. This helps them to quickly identify problems and carry out maintenance and repair work more rapidly. In the area of logistics, smartglasses provide employees with information regarding order picking and storage location as well as product details and packing instructions.

Trade and consumer

VR and AR make it possible to involve consumers, to communicate and interact with them, and to provide entertainment. The technologies create new possibilities in the film and games industry, as well as in retail. In the area of gaming, many users have gained experience with VR and AR, which means the popularity of these technologies can be expected to steadily rise in the next ten years.

VR personality analysis

Previously in-person interviews were the only way to tell whether applicants’ personalities matched company culture. Our newly developed VR solutions allows companies to assess this using gamification and immersive technology for the first time. Discover new talent for your company in VR!

Individual workshops and advice

We support you to identify the potentials of VR and AR for your company and to implement your projects. Contact us and make an appointment for an individual workshop.

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