VR Personality Assessment Tool KOIA

Until now, only a personal meeting provided the chance to reliably match the personality of job-applicants to an organisation's culture.

Our new virtual reality solution changes things. Now your company can learn more about prospective personnel in an immersive and interactive way. Discover fresh talent for your workforce, now in VR!


VR Personality Assessment is designed and developed as a prototypical  VR tool and a digital solution for gamified personality assessment.


We want to create effective digital solutions as part of assessment centres to enhance employer branding. Using personality assessment is one way of realising this.


Traditional and well-validated psychometric tests are converted into VR mini-games with a predefined storyline whose measurements will be matched with company values?

6 facets of personality

HEXACO - the psychological aspect

The developed VR-Experience is based on state-of-the-art psychological theories. The main part of the experience is based on the psychological HEXACO-framework that defines human personality in 6 facets, namely Honesty-Humility, Emotionality, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness & Openness to Experience. Additionally, some concepts that are not originally included in the framework but are still considered relevant for the PwC Global Values were chosen to be measured (e.g. Resistance to Change).

VR - designing the experience

The tool was designed with an interdisciplinary approach, combining psychology, usability, ux design and software engineering. Task development started with imagining the behavior of low- and high-scorers in the original HEXACO-test. 

The tasks were then combined into a unique storyline that was built to enhance immersion: By playing a certain character within the story, applicants get to express their preferences and opinions without explicitly stating them.

Virtual Reality
Ideas and Insights

Customizing - how to use it for your business

The use of innovative and modern technology can bring your process of assessing personality to the next level. We offer individual adaptation options for your company needs, values and roles. By designing and developing a personalized version of the VR Personality Assessment experience, you can grant your applicants a valuable experience and ensure a positive effect on employer branding.


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