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Tuesday, March 19th, 5.30 pm, @ PwC

Palantir Foundry is an enterprise data management platform offering a wide array of features for working with big data. It builds upon an open data architecture, connecting data and their respective analytics with business teams. Foundry is the end-to-end solution to enable companies to base their decisions on real time data.

Global Alliance

Our experts have extensive experience with Palantir Foundry as a tool and have successfully managed a wide range of projects across different industries. We have a team of certified Palantir Foundry Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Application Developers.

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Palantir Global Alliance

The PwC Austria team builds upon the global alliance PwC has with Palantir, meaning that we ideate around use cases and go to the market together. In addition, we support companies to untap the full potential of their already existing Palantir Foundry infrastructure.

We bring along profound know-how for delivering end-to-end projects with Palantir Foundry. Our team has experience with both business and technical analysis, and offer Palantir consulting in the following areas.

Service Offering

Enterprise Architecture

  • Designing the Palantir Foundry system landscape and using native Foundry APIs in order to ingest data from legacy systems
  • Helping clients leverage on a microservice based architecture and their corresponding data catalog
  • Optimizing Foundry within the broader organizational enterprise set-up and implementing a new data strategy or governance model such as data mesh

Data Modeling & Data Engineering

  • Designing a business-focussed data model
  • Building, evaluating, deploying and managing ETL pipelines
  • Creating data health checks to ensure data validation at different stages of the data flows


  • Automating workflows - performing data transformations or specific data engineering tasks based on a preconfigured set of parameters
  • Automating processes along the data streams such as establishing an automated data approval process, data anonymization, and sending notifications to help business users stay in control of their data

Data Analysis

  • Supporting in navigating complex data structures in Contour - a native Palantir Foundry application - by finding patterns in data using statistical and logical techniques
  • Creating interactive dashboards to explore the data in a structured way, thereby removing the need for manual data preparation or analysis
  • Enabling a self-service BI culture, in which business users are in control of their data and use it for day to day operations

Project Management

  • Managing Foundry projects in a holistic manner; end-to-end support from setting up the project management office and managing resources
  • Understanding how Palantir Foundry fits within the broader organizational enterprise landscape and communicating with all relevant stakeholders

Successful Palantir Projects

Analytical Data Lake

Following the current trends of becoming a data-driven company, the target of our customer was to build an analytical data lake. The requirements set out by the client were to use a platform which connects technical and non-technical users and fosters their collaboration. Palantir Foundry was chosen as a suitable platform. Based on the raw data coming from the legacy systems and the input from workshops with business / IT departments, PwC built data entities within the Foundry data model that can be used for analyses and understanding customer data.

Salesforce Integration

An international financial service provider planned to replace their current marketing and sales tool with Salesforce. PwC was asked to develop a solution to feed the Salesforce data model directly from the legacy systems, using Palantir Foundry as the central data hub. After analyzing which legacy systems and their corresponding data were required, a target architecture was defined and the data sources were ingested. Based on the target data model, automated pipelines were created to feed real-time data directly into Salesforce in order to send personalized e-mails to customers.

ECB Payment Statistics Reporting

Payment and transaction data from different legacy systems was ingested in a central data lake to comply with ECB regulatory requirements. Automated pipelines joined and transformed data from different sources to aggregate the data in a standardized .csv file format, which was subsequently sent to the ECB. In doing so, the bank was able to replace the cumbersome manual query processing with an automated solution.

Front-End Development

Our customer, a central governance team of a bank, has a regular task of collecting action plans related to immature applications across the business units in Europe. Their requirement was to have an automatized and timesaving solution for collecting and analyzing the data from various employees. For this reason, we developed a front-end automatized form in Palantir Foundry for efficient and unified data collection. One of the key points was to pay attention to the GDPR and data protection. The outcome was a user-friendly reporting tool with historization of all the submitted changes via the form.

Automated Risk Calculation

One of our clients reporting systems was outdated and severely lacked the performance needed to operate their day to day business processes. The PwC team was tasked to come up with a suitable replacement. The new solution was an automated Risk Assessment tool in Palantir which substituted running manual queries in various systems.  After ingesting the needed legacy systems, we used data transformation to calculate the risk indicators which were consequently visualized, resulting in an end to end workflow within Foundry.

Anti Financial Crime Reporting

The need of our client was to have a profound data repository for extracting AFC Data (transaction data, customer data, etc) on demand of the arrival of the independent consultant. PwC was in charge of requirement engineering, coordinating data ingestion and data harmonization from different legacy systems and implementing data quality checks. We are provisioning the validated data extracts on the demand of the independent consultant and answering various business and technical related questions related to the AFC data.

Internal Audit

The audit department of one of our clients struggled with the MiFID reporting framework. PwC’s project team ensured that claims analysis was easier and standardized across the business units. This process involved profound technical analysis, back-end implementation (data ingestion, data standardization, creating automatized pipelines), so the required data can be shown and used in a front-end dashboard used by the auditors. The user-friendly dashboard contains everything necessary for the convenient audit analysis (e.g choosing parameter values, making board selections analysis). With the provided architecture, the maintenance activity was minimized and custom implementation significantly reduced.

My role encompassed technical analysis and developing PySpark. I started with data mapping and standardizing all the relevant data inputs from different legacies. The next step was to develop automated pipelines with data quality and health checks in order to reveal the suspected transactions on daily basis.

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