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Our tax advisors make the future of a company more predictable. To do this they don’t need clairvoyant skills, neither do they use horoscopes or crystal balls. They take stock, ask specific questions and in doing so work on individual tax solutions for individuals and companies alike.

We not only make sure that our clients comply with national and international tax legislation. We give them peace of mind. Those who decide to use our tax services know how they can apply tax legislation correctly to take advantage of available tax relief and how to mitigate risk.

If you are interested in a career in tax, you need to be up for new challenges and open to new approaches. In tax we need to stay focused and flexible at the same time. Take a look at the specific kind of work you could be doing.


Transfer pricing

We advise companies when setting up their transfer pricing systems, assess and document the appropriateness of their transfer prices. We also carry out benchmark studies to enable us to advise on industry norms. In addition, we guide clients through international mutual agreement procedures between the tax authorities, through tax audits and appeal procedures.

International tax advice

Tax laws differ from country to country. We advise internationally operating groups of companies on tax issues ranging from moving into foreign countries as well as cross-border financing right the way through to restructuring.


If the company structure should change – for example through contributions or mergers – we advise on tax legislation applicable to changes in legal form. We prepare tax-basis balance sheets and take care of reporting and disclosure requirements.

Company transactions (M&A, due diligence)

We analyse the tax implications when companies are bought or sold. We expose any risks and thus provide a basis for purchase price and contractual negotiations. We work together with our global network in the case of cross-border acquisitions.

Tax appeal procedures and tax criminal law

We represent our clients in tax audits, tax proceedings and appeals right up to the Austrian Federal Finance Court or the Austrian Supreme Administrative Court. We assess criminal risks to clients in order to avoid personal liability, provide support in such matters as disclosure statements or voluntary self-disclosures, and assist in tax criminal proceedings where necessary. We advise, offer convincing arguments and make sure that our clients can make full use of their rights.

Tax and IT, process optimization

We implement technical systems, evaluate and modify processes, and automate compliance activities such as filing tax returns or statistical reporting. This means that all our clients are equipped to deal with the latest requirements of the tax authorities.

Indirect taxes

We assess the business models of our clients from a VAT and customs perspective and ensure that the VAT implications are accurately depicted in their ERP systems. We advise, file tax returns and statements and represent our clients before the authorities.

Small and medium sized enterprises

We aim to provide a one-stop shop for small and medium sized enterprises spanning a wide range of services from tax compliance to advice on specific tax and business issues. We also advise these clients on which legal form best suits them.

Tax compliance

Tax calculations and tax returns are part of our core business. We communicate with the fiscal authorities and represent our clients. We clarify questions coming up and support our clients in all tax matters.

Tax Accounting

Accounting, bookkeeping, management reporting

Tasks such as accounting and bookkeeping take up time and human resources. They also require expertise. Clients can outsource these functions to us, enabling them to focus on their core business.

Employment Tax and Benefits

Using a global approach, PwC analyzes and acknowledges employee costs and optimizes all compensation processes. We assume risk management activities. We also assist customers in payroll accounting so that the customers are able to take into account all legal provisions and employment law, collective bargaining agreement and tax requirements. 

Human Resource Management

We accompany our clients from the development of their HR strategy to a successful integration of new HR solutions into their organization.

Employment Law

Our team assists clients in employment law issues, prepares and optimizes employment contracts, agreements or guidelines.


We assist clients in payroll matters, so that they can concentrate on their core competencies and leave payroll accounting for local and international employees to us. In taking care of these matters, we rely on innovative technologies and our global network.

We accompany both domestic as well as foreign banks and insurance firms when it comes to issues surrounding taxation, transfer pricing and restructuring activities. Our Asset Management team supervises foreign investment funds in Austria, where we are the market leader.

„Business acumen is just as important in our line of work as legal expertise. Always try to keep an open mind and to consider all sides of the argument.”

Bernd Hofmann, Head of Tax & Legal Services

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