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Your career with Advisory

We make it our business to work together with our clients as a strong partner. We analyse business processes, design management information systems and advise on the best way to structure the business. We offer a wide and varied range of services. PwC offers you a real opportunity to take part in developing success strategies. For example, you can accompany transactions from the initial concept right the way through to post-merger integration and can play a key role in shaping business structures in a more efficient way. 

So if you are good at finding the right solution to whatever challenge you are facing, a career in Advisory could be just right for you. We are looking for people who are great at analysing things as well as thinking through ideas and implementing them consistently. Have a scroll through the two main areas of our Advisory service line, Deals and Consulting, to help you decide which area might be right for you:

Mergers & Acquisitions

We accompany owners and managers when buying or selling businesses – from the initial search for suitable investors right the way through to closing the deal, including mergers and IPOs. One of our most important tasks here is to provide excellent project management combined with the latest analytical tools.

Transaction Services

We support our clients in determining the appropriate sale or purchase price of a company or part of a company. To do this we perform due diligence to assess and analyse the target company.

Valuation & Economics

Our clients often have questions concerning the valuation of businesses or individual assets. Our specialist team uses future oriented data to calculate future cash flows. To do so we use our in-depth knowledge of value drivers and our worldwide industry-specific knowledge.

Corporate Finance

We use a variety of methods and techniques to optimise companies’ financing structures – we model business processes and assess business plans and projects. Our task as project manager is only properly completed if the transaction in question has been successfully closed.                       

Business Recovery Services

In times of financial crises, it’s crucial to take the right measures. But what exactly is “right”? Well, this is what we work on together with our clients: We draw up finance plans, negotiate debt reduction and work on sustainable measures to identify potential investors.

Finance Effectiveness

Having a finance organisation capable of adapting flexibly to business needs is crucial to the long-term success of any business. We examine and assess the relevant financial ratios, take a critical look at existing finance processes and to ensure that management information is transparent and reliable going forward.

Technology Consulting

Big data, cloud services and digitalisation: These are trends on which the future of a company may depend. Our IT specialists use their technical expertise to help our clients react quickly and flexibly to changes.

Strategy & Operations

If you want to achieve growth, profitability and added value you need to have streamlined processes and structures. We get our clients into pole position by providing an appropriate strategy and helping them to implement it.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Companies are regularly confronted with new regulations driven by national and international legislation. Compliance systems help equip companies to deal with such challenges. Our teams develop systems which are tailored to the business model of our individual clients and can provide support when it comes to strategic and operative decisions.


Companies don’t just have commercial responsibilities, they also have a social responsibility. We look at social and environmental issues in the context of business performance indicators and company goals. This enables us to develop and implement sustainability strategies for our clients.

Forensic Services

Our role involves lifting the lid on economic crime in businesses. In doing so we investigate suspicious cases, collecting and processing evidence and clues. We use state-of-the-art technology and investigative skills to do so. In addition, we advise companies when it comes to implementing preventative measures.

Human Resource Management

We accompany our clients from the development of their HR strategy to a successful integration of new HR solutions into their organization.

Financial service providers like banks, asset managers and insurance firms are subject to specific rules and regulations: As public-interest entities, they have to operate within specific parameters defined by international regulations, EU-wide Directives and national laws. So this calls for people who understand how financial service providers can fulfil these requirements and operate within such an environment. We advise on how investors’ demands can be met while making sure that all current regulatory provisions like FATCA, Solvency II and Basel III are adhered to.

FS Deals Services

FS Transaction Services

Mergers, acquisitions and other kinds of transactions require the expertise of the Transaction Services team which is part of Financial Services Deals. We manage the sale or purchase of companies and optimise business portfolios. And what’s important here is having the right knowledge of the market: This is the only way that our transaction specialists can recognise the various potential hurdles and obstacles early on. This will increase the likelihood of a successful transaction being closed.

FS Valuation & Economics

How much is a bank or an insurance firm actually worth? To answer this question, so-called business and portfolio valuations are required. We value assets and write expert opinions. This is the basis on which clients can make well-informed decisions.

FS Real Estate

When our clients are conducting real estate transactions, our role is to accompany them and carry out portfolio analyses, value real estate and implement feasibility studies.

Consulting & Risk Services

Strategy & Operations

Bank customers change their habits, laws governing finance are forever changing, reporting requirements are demanding. Banks have to adapt their business models to stay ahead. We offer them a wide range of advisory services to help them do this – we develop strategies to enter new markets or improve business processes in their ongoing operations. We also support our clients with outsourcing and restructuring.

Technology Consulting

Managing your account via smartphone or purchasing bank products online – IT is a critical success factor for any financial services provider. Here we combine technical expertise with commercial considerations. Our specialists analyse assess and improve the IT landscape to best meet the complex needs of business processes and business strategy.

Finance & Accounting

Management information needs to be up-to-date and available at the touch of a button. We work together with our clients to design and implement reporting systems that are transparent and fit-for-purpose, supported by IT solutions. This gives our clients real-time access to all relevant information regarding their business’s performance.

Governance, Risk und Compliance

Banks are faced with a deluge of legislation, which is constantly changing. We work together with financial institutions to help them comply with the legal requirements using their existing structures while avoiding risks at the same time. Good corporate governance is of course very much part of all this.

Risk management is one of the key challenges facing today’s banking world. Our experts offer support on the complexities surrounding the risks inherent to business, for example credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk and operational risk – from analysis and conception right the way through to systems implementation.


We provide risk and process management advice tailored specifically to the dynamic insurance market. We work together with our clients to create processes which pave the way for future expansion.

“An advisor has to be a specialist and a generalist, rolled into one. In other words, we need an eye for the details but must never lose sight of the big picture.”

Roland Schöbel, Head of Advisory

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