Our culture

Feedback and coaching

We can promise you one thing: With PwC you will grow both professionally and personally on a daily basis.

At the beginning of each year you will have a conversation with your coach about where you want to take your career. In an open discussion you will map out how to achieve your specific objectives.

For example, you will put yourself in your clients’ shoes so as to understand their needs. In order to meet these needs you need to know about the services offered by other teams, not just your own. This involves getting to know colleagues from other teams, and building your own network. Each conscious decision you take will benefit your personal growth and enhance the competencies of your team.

Your development plan is made up of major and minor steps and will accompany you throughout the year. We also encourage you to ask for feedback on a regular basis, both from clients and from colleagues.

At the end of the year, you and your coach will look back on what you have achieved. Where are you now? What went particularly well and what might be improved? This reflection on your year with PwC will prepare you for new challenges in the future.


We invest time in relationships – both in and out of the office.

Social Impact Lab

The Social Impact Lab is a competition for start-ups and scale-ups with a social purpose. We support founders to bring their social enterprise to the next level and increase their own social impact. In this way, we help strengthen European social enterprise more broadly.

Like last year's competition, the Social Impact Lab will run internationally. Registration is open to participants from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey. The winners will receive a cash prize, two years of coaching from PwC, and the possibility to use PwC office space.

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