Learning and growing

There’s no great secret to it: if you take time to learn things, you’ll develop and do even better. For us at PwC this is not just another one of these dreaded catchphrases – it’s a fundamental principle. And this is why we learn every day – whether it’s in our day-to-day work, exchanging of views or training. 
ring diagram: Formula for success

Day-to-day work

The main part of our knowledge is acquired through the daily tasks that we have conferred upon us –that’s how we grow. And it’s here that we gather valuable experience: both within the team and in dealing with our clients.

But what competencies do we need so that we can meet the expectations of our clients while also developing ourselves at the same time? 

For us at PwC the following five points are of particular importance:

  • Leadership qualities: We lead ourselves and others in the team.
  • Relationships: We build valuable relationships and trust.
  • Open-mindedness: We think beyond borders and work as part of an international network.
  • Industry expertise: We take an innovative approach and in doing so create a special form of added value.
  • Professional and methodical competence: We place an emphasis on disciplinary strength and efficiency of processes and project schedules. This means we can ensure the quality of our work.

These characteristics help us give our clients as well as our teams the added value that they are looking to get from PwC. It’s what we stand for.

Exchanging of views

Whether it’s with those above us or fellow colleagues, the opportunity to exchange views with others spurs on our daily learning. Talking really helps.

Personal coaches guide you throughout your entire career at PwC. Feedback sessions will give you both the chance to work out where your strengths lie and where there’s room for growth.

But don’t forget that your colleagues can learn from you too! Many of our employees also perform trainer roles themselves alongside their own daily work.


In your first years at PwC you’ll start with a foundation programme which is tailored to the specialised area you work in. But there will be more than just this. We will support you when it comes to attaining your professional qualifications and in your development by offering suitable learning opportunities – regardless of the stage you are at with PwC and what your next aim may be.

Many of our training sessions take place on the office premises. For a selection of programmes we invite along external partners. And thanks to our international network we even offer some seminars and programmes jointly in other countries.

All employees who are able and wish to assume leadership responsibilities can look forward to receiving corresponding programmes. This serves to strengthen the role as a coach, managerial employee and as an important contact person for our clients.

It’s not just all about what talents we have but above all how and whether we actually use them. For employees with a successful track record who are prepared to go that extra mile and assume more responsibility there are a number of additional development programmes both in Austria and abroad.

You know what we do best at PwC? Auditing and consulting, of course. But there’s something special behind it all: we strengthen these competencies through communication training sessions and personal development. You can probably see our thinking: We can only really know how we’ll be perceived by those around us if we actually know ourselves properly.

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