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In a time of technological change, we put people first. The diversity of teams and the flexibility to adjust working conditions to your own needs are essential to PwC. We are convinced that recognition of the work you do, a healthy working environment, and a positive workplace culture will guarantee long-term positive relationships with our people.

From the DisAbility Talent Programme to the Austrian Diversity Charter: We support a range of initiatives that aim to actively promote diversity and respect for all members of society.


Diversity at PwC

To fulfil the desire for flexible working hours, we have a flexible working framework with core working hours. Personal flexibility is increased through part-time options, study leave, educational leave, the conversion of bonus entitlements into additional holiday, or the ability to work from home.

Career and free time at PwC

Both internally and externally, on national and international levels, our staff have opportunities to participate in further training through a series of training events. These include seminars, workshops, peer group discussions, coaching and blended learning. The PwC Academy is PwC’s training centre.

To the PwC Academy

Whether you need to visit the company doctor, use our pharmacy service, vaccination service, or benefit from energy management training: the health of our staff is a priority. We offer in-house yoga courses, coaching and advice in stressful situations, reduced-rate fitness membership, and annual health checks. We also promote wellbeing in other ways, such as fruit and drinks.

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