Austria's Leading Companies

We’re looking for Austria’s leading companies

Together with Die Presse and KSV1870, PwC Austria will honour Austria’s most successful companies of 2019. The ALC registration is over. The results will now be evaluated and the winners will be awarded in November 2019. Don’t miss the chance to apply! Questions about the competition can be directed to Hans Pleininger, ALC contact person at Die Presse.


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Christine Catasta commenting on Austria's Leading Companies

Objective and fact-based: These words define Austria’s Leading Companies. We use data-driven valuations and transparent comparisons to rank Austria’s top players. A superb way for companies of all sizes to measure themselves across industries, discover room for improvement and develop themselves further. Take this opportunity!

Christine Catasta, Senior Partner, PwC Austria

Austria’s Leading Companies: A competition based on numbers, data and facts

For Austria’s Leading Companies, it’s the company’s performance that counts. We look at balance sheet data, turnover and revenue growth over the past three years, and we weight the data to ensure objective results. Our ALC data experts make the final allocation to the relevant categories. 

Banks, insurance firms and financial service providers are unfortunately not eligible to participate in ALC as their balance sheets are not comparable to those of companies in other industries.

Winner Trophies of Austria's Leading Companies

ALC awards prizes for each Austrian federal state in the following categories:

International companies

International companies need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • An international structure, business model, value creation chain or customer structure
  • Products and services relevant to the global market
  • A significant proportion of exports
  • Foreign branches
  • Significant number of international clients or competitors

National companies (Austria)

We distinguish between small and large companies operating on a national level:

  • Small companies: Revenues between EUR 1m and EUR 10m
  • Large companies: Revenues above EUR 10m

The 2018 winners

Click here to see the winners of Austria’s Leading Companies for 2018.

Winners of Austria's Leading Companies 2018

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