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The success of a company depends to a large degree on investment and project decisions and the corresponding quality of their implementation. A solid decision-making process is essential for success. Our substantial experience and comprehensive expertise in structuring and delivering on complex projects and investments, as well as preparing state-of-the-art financial models, mean that PwC can create the conditions for your investment or investment to succeed.

Feasibility and profitability

Feasibility and profitability form the basis of all project decisions. At the same time, all investment and project decisions depend on a variety of complex questions:

Does my project offer sufficient return on the investment? Are there alternative (better) investment options or projects? What are the chances of success for this project? How attractive is this project for the capital market and will the project secure financing on the capital market? What are the risks of the project and what constitutes adequate risk management?

Our experts model your project and investment planning and analyse the commercial viability of your investment or your project. We use these analyses to compare various alternatives and scenarios, as well as to identify risks and assess attractivity on the capital markets. To make your project or investment a success, our experts support you in all phases of the decision-making process – from the start of planning through to the decision itself.


Once you are in a position to start the project, you need to establish how the investment or project can be structured as effectively as possible to achieve your desired goals.

When structuring your investment or your project, our experts examine the specific contractual, financial and legal considerations around construction, operation, and financing to ensure that these optimise your risk and opportunity profile and your financial structure. Using a scenario and sensitivity analysis, we optimise the structure of your project and your investment to maximise viability and the likelihood of securing financing on the capital market.

Project management, monitoring and digital transformation

Major investments require labour-intensive planning and control processes, meaning that many projects experience huge budget overruns and delays. Numerous smaller projects and measures can make it difficult to keep track of the bigger picture and pose challenges for prioritisation and consolidation. This means that ongoing project management and good management during implementation increase in importance. The following questions are particularly relevant:

How can I ensure that my project will be a success as planned? How do I keep track of costs, quality and time during the project? How can I manage my project effectively? What will the control structure and reporting be like? Which project management software would be most beneficial to implement in my specific case?

Using operating and life cycle models, we enable you to precisely monitor current project status. By advising on and implementing best practices in project management, we ensure that your project will fulfil expectations in terms of deadlines, costs and quality. Additionally, our software implementation ensures that your project will benefit as much as possible from the latest digital developments.

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