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COVID-19: What next?

COVID-19 is top of the economic agenda. Companies need to manage the crisis, establish new modes of working, and find strategic direction.

COVID-19 simulator

The COVID-19 crisis remains unresolved and the ‘new normal’ has already transformed many areas of our daily lives. To offer the best possible support to our customers and to society in general in these uncertain times, PwC has developed the COVID-19 Simulator, a 3D behaviour and mobility simulator that is capable of answering these questions.

COVID-19 simulator

Mockup tool on screen

PwC's COVID-19 Navigator

What effects will the crisis have on your company? Our free tool gives you insight into how well your business is prepared for COVID-19 across six areas: crisis management and response; workforce; operations and supply chain; finance and liquidity; tax and trade; and strategy and brand. Answer the questions and get an assessment of where your company stands as well as recommendations for areas to focus on.
Your contacts at PwC Austria: 
Agatha KalandraKristof Wabl and Christoph Obermair.

Find the free digital tool here

More digital tools

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Overview of tax, legal and economic measures in response to COVID-19

In this resource, the global PwC network summarises the most important COVID-19 measures, which can be sorted by country and topic. For professional advice and assistance, your PwC Austria contact Ines Hofbauer-Steffel is available to support you.

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PwC Remote Meeting Room

Suitable for shareholders’ meetings, board meetings, or client meetings of all kinds. This virtual conference room enables meetings in a password-protected video conference room hosted by PwC.

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Digital Fitness App

Digital upskilling for everyone. PwC’s Digital Fitness App helps users boost their knowledge of digital trends. Digital transformation is now an urgent priority not only for companies, but for the whole of society, so we have made the app free to download. 

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Six areas of focus for organisations

Crisis management and response

Existing business continuity plans might not be appropriate for such a rapidly changing situation. Your business requires incident management and scenario plans specific to this crisis. Companies must quickly identify sensitive issues, communicate objectively and effectively with stakeholders, and minimise the risks of disruption.

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In addition to the health of employees, there are many other topics relating to the continuation of business activities which are of importance during the crisis. What changes are being made to labour and employment law? What problems exist in relation to mobility? How does remote working function, and how can it be optimised? Greater flexibility of HR departments and adjustment of HR processes may be required.

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Operations and supply chain

A pandemic such as COVID-19 threatens global supply chains and puts pressure on production sites. Demand rises and falls quickly, suppliers experience delays, and there is little certainty in terms of predictability and planning. To reduce risks, global businesses can identify alternative supply chain scenarios or substitute materials. After immediate crisis management, mid-term goals become a point of focus. Does production need to be relocated?

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Finance and liquidity

Economic downtime can threaten a company’s survival. Businesses need to analyse and guarantee their liquidity situation rapidly and regularly. How can financial resilience be reinforced in the short, medium and long term? Information about public subsidies and tax impacts is essential. Stress tests help to scrutinise planning calculations for specific scenarios and to analyse liquidity using planning tools.

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Tax, trade and regulatory

Global insecurity requires more than an understanding of tax and regulatory systems. Tax managers need to take account of the broader economic, political and social contexts in which companies operate. Only in this way can companies make substantiated decisions which drive their business activity forward.

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Strategy and brand

Companies will start to move from reacting to the crisis to developing strategies to emerge stronger from it. The shift towards remote working can help to identify problems in the IT infrastructure or digital skills. New models which take the economic effects of previous pandemics into account can better protect growth and profitability in future.

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Webcast series

PwC webcast series – Expert talks on COVID-19 crisis response

In a series of interactive webcasts, our experts discuss how organisations can prepare themselves for future challenges. They examine the key questions which various industries are facing. 

PwC COVID-19 HelpLine

+43 (0) 664 96 77 960

Available at any time of day or night

The effects of COVID-19 are having a significant effect on businesses in Austria. The situation has also created many questions, which need answering quickly.

PwC Austria and PwC Legal are available immediately to provide you with quick, uncomplicated support by telephone via the COVID-19 HelpLine. We can help you by providing pragmatic answers on labour law and HR issues; tax advice on international employee assignments and short-time working; supply chain analysis, customer flow analysis, and logistics; digital business models as an emergency measure; legal and business consequences of plant or site closure; tools and technologies for the implementation of crisis measures; as well as cybersecurity and privacy in connection with remote working.

News updates about COVID-19

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Tax updates

The latest tax news relating to COVID-19 can be found on our blog.

Link to PwC Tax News

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Legal updates

Updates from our legal experts on the PwC Legal blog.

Link to the PwC Legal Blog

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P&O updates

Our experts from People and Organisation analyse the impacts of COVID-19 on HR.

Link to the P&O Blog

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Deals Updates

Stay up-to-date with our COVID-19 Diaries.

Read the COVID-19 Diaries 

Contact us

Georg Beham

Georg Beham

Partner, Cybersecurity & Privacy Leader, PwC Austria

Tel: +43 732 611750

Ines Hofbauer-Steffel

Ines Hofbauer-Steffel

Director, PwC Austria

Tel: +43 1 501 88-3250