Corporate responsibility

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For society, people, the market and the environment

Responsibility is part of the corporate culture of PwC, one of the leading auditing and consultancy organisations worldwide. Society, our employees, the market and the environment are the foundations of our responsible business conduct.

Bearing responsibility is part of PwC’s daily business. We deal with sensitive corporate matters on a daily basis and are aware of our responsibility on the market and well as to our employees, society as a whole and the environment.

Our actions are aligned with these four factors. They form the framework within which both PwC staff and management live and breathe corporate responsibility. Building trust in society and solving important problems – at PwC we see this as being at the heart of our mission.  

Contributing to society

We are part of society and therefore also bear great responsibility towards it. We meet our social responsibility by doing volunteer work and participating in charity projects. Since 2008 PwC Austria has focused its volunteer work on one project in particular: During working hours, we pay regular visits to the senior residents of a care home (Hausgemeinschaften Erdbergstraße) situated just a few hundred yards down the road from our main Vienna office. Read more

Being credible and transparent on the market

As an auditing and consulting company, we contribute towards the sustainable economic development of our customers and create added value. We help companies develop their own corporate responsibility guidelines. On the basis of their expertise, our interdisciplinary teams develop and implement sustainability strategies for various different industries.

We invest in relationships

It is our firm belief that long-term and positive relationships with the employees safeguard a company’s success. This is why PwC Austria invests in its employee relationships in many different ways. Learn more

Actively involved in protecting the environment

We accept our responsibility for a respectful treatment of natural resources and environmental protection through a number of measures. To name a few examples: we determine the CO2 footprint of our company, have an infrared lighting system and use energy-saving printers as well as fair trade coffee in all our coffee makers.