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“We are seeing new players entering the Global 100 Software Leaders. As products of all kinds are being commoditised, companies are looking to the value of software to propel them into new markets.”

Mark McCaffrey, Global Software Leader at PwC

What are top executives saying?

“A company like Nike, which is adding a digital element to its products, needs to purchase technology differently. Such companies are turning to hardware and software vendors, saying, ‘We now need capability X delivered through an ecosystem. Can you provide us with capability X?’”

Tom Archer, US Technology Industry Leader for PwC

What are top executives saying?

“You see more and more traditional businesses acquiring software companies or investing in software.”

Pierre Marty, European Software Leader for PwC

What are top executives saying?

“SaaS is helping traditional software companies access markets they couldn't reach with their existing sales and distribution model.”

Greg Unsworth Asia Pacific Technology Industry Leaderat PwC

What are top executives saying?

“The world of the pure play is over. Every company is in transition.”

Patrick Pugh, US Software and Internet Advisory Leader at PwC

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Services & SaaS trends

Software companies are transforming from delivering complex products to ‘easier to use’ applications which can be deployed ‘on premise’ or offered as a service in the cloud.

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