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We provide news about labour law, immigration, social security, income tax and other relevant topics on employment.

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Issue #2, May 2014

  • Latest News
    • Reduction of ancillary wage costs
    • Supreme Court judgment - Management board members of a stock corporation not entitled to insolvency compensation payout
    • End of banking secrecy for non-tax residents
    • Memo from the Ministry of Finance on comprehensive assistance arrangements
  • International tax law
    • Individual countries
  • Income tax
    • Commuter ordinance in 2014 wage tax ordinance



Issue #1, February 2014

  • Labour law/Immigration
    • Nursing-related leave of absence or part-time work from 1st January 2014
    • CBA Trade: New regulation of Saturdays as non-working days as of 1st September 2013
    • NEW as of 1st August, 2013: Indication of minimum remuneration in job postings also mandatory for employers not subject to a Collective Bargaining Agreement
    • Sick leave interrupts vacation, not the consumption of time-off in lieu of overtime payment – clarifications of the Supreme Court
    • Entitlement to overtime compensation
    • Questions and answers on redundancy tax („Auflösungsabgabe“)
    • Apprenticeships for adults – New WKO subsidy options
  • Social security
    • Preliminary social security figures for 2014
    • 2nd Austrian Social Contribution Amendment Act 2013 (2nd SVÄG 2013)