Career opportunities

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In the middle of studying and looking to gain some initial business experience? Completed your studies and now simply looking to start your career? Or maybe you’ve already gained some business experience which can now be used for dealing with new challenges? Whatever stage of your career you may be at, you’ve come to the right people!


Theory and practice go hand in hand when it comes to the business world. So give your career a head start and do an internship at PwC during your studies. Find out about the areas where you could use your expertise at PwC.


After your studies you’ll get to discover what working for a company like ours is really all about. Your head will be full of theory acquired from the lecture theatre, and now you’ll be wanting to get down to actually using it in practice. Start your career with PwC.

Experienced professionals

So you’ve gone up the first few rungs of the career ladder and you’re looking for something new? Why not bring your expertise to PwC? We look forward to hearing from you.