Your journey with PwC

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Come with us on an exciting journey marked by various milestones as you progress. As for the ultimate destination, well that’s up to you. We’ll be helping you along the way.

Why not start your journey with PwC by doing an internship?! Don’t worry: This won’t involve making coffee for the others. Instead, you’ll be getting involved in to projects together with us. You’ll be part of a professional team and assume various tasks in the course of this exciting first stage of being with PwC. This will help you realise where your own strengths lie. And no-one will be left alone – a coach as well as other colleagues will be there to help you as things progress.

Hit the ground running! Once you’ve finished your degree you'll be ready to start as a Consultant with us. After your studies you will discover what working for a company like ours is all really about. You’ll begin with induction training and networking events and find out about the various office structures. And right from the word go you’ll be coming into contact with national and international clients, gaining an initial impression of how different companies function. So you’ll have projects going on and clients to meet, helping you understand the bigger picture while growing your in-depth knowledge through the experience you gain and the specialist training sessions you attend. All this is supported by regular feedback and conversations with your coach and other colleagues.

So you have learnt all the basics and you’re ready for more responsibility? In that case it’s time for you to progress to Senior Consultant. This role involves you taking on more responsibility for assignments, having more direct contact with clients, assuming project management tasks and giving younger colleagues guidance. But don’t worry – you’ll still have time for further training and professional qualifications! If you want to go abroad you might choose to go on an assignment – naturally with our support.

As a Manager, your core tasks will involve developing your client relationships, leading projects and coaching. You’ll get to know our clients better and know exactly where their needs lie. You keep up-to-date on market developments and get to grips with new projects awaiting your team. And what’s more: You gradually take on responsibility for selecting, coaching and developing your team members. Based on your talents, you build your reputation and network internally and externally as a technical expert or thought leader in your chosen field, for example by speaking at events or writing articles. And last but not least, you support your coachees and team members on their development journeys.

As a Senior Manager you’ll have a number of exciting tasks ahead of you. You’ll have built on your expertise, and now you’ll be ready to run your own unit at operative level and look after your clients together with your team. The role will involve managing various different projects as well as enhancing existing client relationships and building new ones – both in Austria and beyond, and taking a more strategic perspective. You’ll be helped along by the fact that you have already established a name for yourself in your specialist area within the company. So it’s more than just having a sign on your door. What’s more you’ll be also be responsible for the development and support of your team members.

As a Partner you are well versed in navigating the PwC network and have developed substantial business and global acumen. You are a role model and contribute to shaping the company’s culture. So what does that mean in practice? You strategically lead one or several teams, have managerial responsibility and are internationally well connected and active. You are part of the wider leadership team, represent our company both internally and externally and win new clients together with your team. It’s ultimately your experience and your ideas which will shape the successful development of the company and inspire future leaders.