Work-life balance

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The work we do requires personal commitment and endurance. And this is why we take care of ourselves as well as others in the team – it’s all made possible by having a good team atmosphere, fun at work, tasks bearing real responsibility together with flexibility on both sides and mutual respect for one another. So to make sure that you’re ready to face the challenges of the working day, we also offer you the chance to get away from things and recharge the batteries.

We do this by looking at people’s personal situations and offering, for example, part time models or time out to brush up on your learning. Now of course there will be times when things get especially hectic, like for example during the busy season when it comes to the audits of our clients. To address this issue, we make sure that employees who have to work especially hard during this time can have a bit of a break. So some might choose to take time in lieu or forsake a premium in order to gain additional holiday, which means that four week summer holidays are anything but an exception to the rule. This is because we truly appreciate your commitment.

And we understand that work is not the only thing that matters: Family, friends and free time shouldn’t have to get the short end of everything just because of work. In fact, our family friendly and flexible approach has now been given a State award for the second time in a row. Our so-called work and family audit (known as Audit berufundfamilie) means we now play a pioneering role within our sector regarding this matter.

The office is also open to our smaller faces, too – whether at Christmas time for the little ones to bake a few biscuits, on an afternoon to enjoy a bit of pantomime or do a bit of drawing – we always look forward to their various contributions!